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 Opposition: the Party of Regions and its Leaders will not Escape Responsibility. Every Bastard Will Be Held Accountable

The current regime will not escape responsibility, says BYUT deputy Andrey Pavlovskiy.

In a commentary regarding the possible dismissal of two CEC opposition members (Magera and Sheludko), he said, "These are small things going on right now. One candidate was not accepted and something else happened. These are small beans. When they are shuffling the election results and 5% are added to one party and taken off another - that will be serious. And the fact that some Satsyuk (former deputy of the head of the SBU) was registered or not, or that there was a technical malfunction in registration - these are such small things, they are not worth paying attention to. This is just an excuse for the Party of Regions to simply dismiss the independent members of the CEC. It is done to make sure that there are no witnesses of their future crimes including election fraud at the CEC level".

According to the deputy, when sooner or later the government changes, the Regions will answer for all their deeds.

"When the crimes of the Party of Regions and its leaders are investigated all this will be taken into account. Everything goes into the cookie jar. Don't let them think that it will be forgotten. Every bastard will be held accountable for his crime. And you can quote me on that. They should not think that they will escape responsibility", stated Pavlovskiy.

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