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 The Prices on Socially Important Products Rapidly Hiked

During the period August 10-14, the prices on socially important products have increased by an average of 0.1-1.6 %, namely by 1.2% on sugar.

The Ministry of Economy reports that the biggest hike was in prices for rice (1.6%), sugar (1.2%), potatoes of the new crop (1.1%), buckwheat and eggs (0.7%), 15% fat sour cream (0.3%), highest grade flour (0.2%), salo (pork fat) (0.2%), beef, pork, chicken fillet, 72-73% fat butter and 95 octane gasoline (0.1%).

The prices for wheat, rye and wheat-rye macaroni products, first grade cooked sausage (bologna), 2.5% fat milk, 9% fat soft cheese, sunflower oil and diesel fuel have remained the same. It should be noted that some vegetables have become cheaper, including onion (-4.6%), carrot (-2.3%) and cabbage (-1.9%).

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