Saakashvili on his Conflicts with Putin and Russia’s Worst Nightmare

In an interview to PIK TV channel, Georgian President Mikhail Saakashvili said that he initially had two conflicts with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Georgia-online reports that the first conflict happened when Saakashvili dismissed the Minister of Defense Valeriy Haburdzaniya who Putin called "our man".

"In several weeks Haburdzaniya was transferred to another place and when I came (to Russia), Putin asked me "How is our man there?". I said, "He got promoted. He is a deputy Attorney General". He said, "This is not a promotion" and looked at me very strict. This is when the first tensions arose", noted Saakashvili.

The second conflict between Russia and Georgia occurred after freeing Adzhariya from the Aslan Abashydze regime. "They controlled Adzhariya the same way as Pridnestrovye, South Ossetia, Abhaziya. And here we suddenly managed to pull away a territory right under their nose", said the Georgian leader.

"There was no other way out. There is no Georgian statehood without Adzhariya but we still stuck to the diplomatic form. Even though he caused a lot of obstructions - Putin did. And he threw a monkey-wrench into the works. Russian officers came in packs and encouraged Abashydze. And Ivanov (Russian Foreign Minister) tried to save him until the end, but I still called him and thanked him the next day, conforming with the diplomatic etiquette. We said thank you for cooperation, thank you for understanding of what had happened and he rudely interrupted me and said, "Well, ok, we helped you this time", even though it was cynical to talk about "helping", - "but keep in mind that there will be no presents in regard to South Ossetia and Abhaziya", related Saakashvili.

Also he mentioned that the worst nightmare for Russia was the fact that Georgia has started to become a successful country.

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