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 Kivalov and Kolesnichenko Decided to “Improve” the Language Law

The Party of Regions fraction member Sergey Kivalov announced that the authors of the language law have already introduced their amendments to the working group on the development and introduction of systemic changes for the improvement of the language legislation in Ukraine.

The deputy's press-service has informed Censor.NO that Kivalov said the following, "The President signed the law "On the Basics of the State Language Policy" and created a working group to prepare its amendments. Naturally, I and Vadim Kolesnichenko were included in the group. Yesterday we sent the suggestions for the amendments that should improve the new law".

Kivalov noted, that the suggestions were provided to the head of the working group Raisa Bogatyreva and the head of the subgroup Leonid Kravchuk.

"I think that Verkhovnaya Rada will adopt our suggestions for amendments in September", continued Kivalov. "This will deprive the opposition of the opportunity to manipulate the consciousness of the voters, filling their heads with non-sense about threat to the Ukrainian language or introduction of second or twenty fifth official language. The majority of our amendments are the ones we already filed after passing the bill in the first reading. But they were not considered by the Parliament due to scheming of the opposition and the Specialized Committee", added Kivalov.

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