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 Kherson oblast May Adopt Turkish as the Regional Language

Turks living in Kherson oblast in the rural areas of several districts may raise the question of granting their language the regional status.

After the press-conference, dedicated to granting regional status to the Russian language, the Head of Kherson oblast Council Viktor Pelyh announced that, "Turk and Tatar communities living in rural areas may adopt such decision in regard to their languages. That is the law ( On the Basics of the State Language Policy) so what can we do? We are law-abiding citizens and we will abide".

Kherson Oblast State Administration informs that, according to the last census, there are 3,736 Turks residing in the oblast. Most of them live in Chaplinskiy district - 2,278.

Crimean Tatars living in a community in Novoalekseyevka of Genichesk district have already brought up the issue of granting the regional status to their language in this town council.

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