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 Opposition Leads the Polls at the Start of the Election Campaign

The numbers of the social studies conducted by GfK Ukraine, Rating Sociology Group, Sotsys Center for Social and Marketing Research and Razumkov Center from July 27 to August 9, 2012, show where the parties stand at the moment.

The survey included 10,979 respondents over 18 years old in all regions of Ukraine, Kiev and Crimea, representing the adult population of Ukraine in basic social and demographic indicators (residence region, type of population and gender).

If the elections took place in the nearest future, the Batkivschyna would receive the majority of the votes - 26.2 % of the people planning to take part in the elections. Other votes would be distributed in the following way: the Party of Regions - 24.6%, Vitaliy Klitschko's Udar (Strike) - 11.8%, the Communist Party of Ukraine - 9.4%. The parties that come close 5% barrier are Ukraina Vprered of Natalya Korolevskaya and VO Svoboda Party. 15.4% of the people planning to take part in the elections have not undecided yet.

Batkivshyna and Strike are more often supported in the Western and Central Ukraine; the Party of Regions and the Communists - in the Eastern and South; and Svoboda in the Western Ukraine.

Among the respondents who made the decision, almost a half (48.9%) are confident in their choice and 43.5% are more confident than not.

The main reason for selecting a party was the party's ability to solve the problems the country is facing - 51.5%. Other reasons included: strong and decisive leader (41.7%), ability to improve the lives of people like the respondent (31.3%), the closeness of its ideological positions to the views and opinions of the respondent (29.5%), the ability to implement reforms, positive change in the society (24.8%), the party will provide the stability in the state (24.0%), the leaders of the party include people who the respondent respects (23.5%).

These reasons were most commonly named in all the regions. Moreover, the south and east often named another reason - this party has its flaws but the others are even worse (21.7% in the east, 21.0% in the south). In the Western Ukraine one of the reasons for the choice was that the party defends the Ukrainian language as the only official one (23.4%) and that it defends the Ukrainian culture, traditions and values (20.9%).

Overall, the situation in view of elections is characterized by low optimism of the population. Almost two thirds (63%) of the respondents think that the events in Ukraine are unfolding the wrong way. This is true for the majority in all regions - from 54% in the south to 74% in the west.

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