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 The Eurogroup President: We are Prepared to Apply Sanctions Against Certain Ukrainian Officials

The European Group President (EU Finance Ministers Council) Jean-Claude Junker believes it is possible that the European Union will implement pin-point sanctions against certain Ukrainian officials.

In an interview to the Ukrainian Pravda he said, " If the question arises regarding the sanctions to Ukraine, I will support the idea of clearly identifying everyone whom they will be applied to. The country shall not suffer. But if it does not get better any time soon, there will be sanctions against particular officials".

According to the politician, the regime of the President Yanukovych has taken a step back compared to ex-president Kuchma (1994-2005). In this regard Junker believes the isolation of Ukraine can be possible if the situation does not change after the parliamentary elections.

He also stressed that, despite EU's internal problems, this community does not take its eyes off Ukraine, considering its strategic geographical position.

"Ukraine is a country in the center of Europe. And it can be either an opportunity for us or a problem… If Ukraine does not comply with our agreements or share our values - it is a problem. It worries us and we cannot let it slide. But if Ukraine will adhere to the principles and values, it will become an opportunity - for business, for expansion on the whole", said Junker.

Moreover, he noted that the level of relations between the heads of EU states and Yanukovych is very poor. The main reason for it is the incarceration of the former prime-minister Yulia Tymoshenko which the European Court of Human Rights considers as biased.

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