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 The Party of Regions: Only Russian can be Given the Regional Status

The Regions do not see the necessity of providing the regional status to any national minority language except Russian.

The Vice chairman of the Party of Regions fraction Mikhail Chechetov has also noted that the turn for other languages will come later.

"Only Ukrainian and Russian languages require a special status in the territory of Ukraine", he said in an interview to Radio Liberty (http://www.radiosvoboda.org/).

"46 million people understand two languages: Russian and Ukrainian. Not Bulgarian, not Hungarian, not Romanian, not Jewish, Yiddish or Hebrew, I don't know what they talk about. These languages are understood by just a handful of people. We talk about two languages that the whole nation understands", said Chechetov.

According to the deputy, the Law "On the Basics of the State Language Policy", authored by the Regions' Vadim Kolesnichenko and Sergey Kivalov, complies with the requirements of the European Charter for Regional and Minority Languages.

Another member of the Regions fraction Sergey Golovatyy noted that one cannot provide the regional status to Russian or any other languages of national minorities since it goes against the European charter.

"Any minority languages, starting from Russian, cannot have a legal status in Ukraine. The state can only define the measures necessary to save this language. The status of the Ukrainian language as the dominating language of Ukraine should be remembered once and for all", noted Golovatyy.

Consequently Sergey Golovatyy registered a bill in the parliament "On the functioning of the Ukrainian language as the official one and the order of application of other languages in Ukraine". The main differences of this document from Kivalov-Kolesnichenko law are the provisions that paperwork and education can be conducted in the minority language only in the territory of the village, town or city where more than 50% of the population represent the minority.

Golovatyy bill also allows officials to use the minority language only together with the official one and not to choose between the two as it is under the current language law. It complies with the provisions of the Ukrainian Constitution and the European charter, but the Regions deputy is late with his initiative, thinks NUNS deputy Kseniya Lyapina.

She noted that, "Verkhovnaya Rada has quickly ceased to be a discussion platform. And Golovatyy was too late noticing it. Nobody will benefit from him registering the bill which is probably closer to the European Charter. The Regions will not review anything".

According to Golovatyy, there are 18 national minority languages in Ukraine that require state level support and protection. The same number is in the law that was signed by the President.

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