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 Regions Deputy Calls the Language Law Pitiful- It is a Juridical Zero

By passing the language bill the parliament encroached the foundations of statehood written in the Constitution.

Such opinion was voiced by deputy Sergey Golovatyy at his Kiev press-conference, reports Gazeta.ua.

"Verkhovnaya Rada encroached the principles that are defined in the Constitution. Kolesnichenko-Kivalov bill is called "On the basics of the state language policy in Ukraine". This is not the matter for simple majority. The basics were determined by the constitutional majority on 28 June, 1996", he said.

According to the deputy the Regions' bill has disrupted the peace in the language matters that has existed for over 20 years.

"Since 1989 Ukraine was relatively calm - nobody touched the matter. The previous politicians and leaders of the state understood that it is a delicate question. This political language calmness was ruined 23 years after Ukrainian received the status of the state language", - said Golovatyy, - "as of today the law is acknowledged to be adopted. Even though legal experts say it was pitiful from inception. It is a zero from a legal standpoint".

The deputy explained that that is the reason why he decided to react to these actions and propose his own bill that will defend the Ukrainian language: "I decided to write a law on the status of the Ukrainian language as the state one ensuring its paramountry as the state language in the territory of Ukraine in all spheres of social life as provided by the Constitution and the corresponding decision of the Constitutional Court of Ukraine".

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