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 Opposition will Defend the Author of the Billboard about Babushka Leaving Her House to the Cat

The United opposition is prepared to provide any support to citizens who are persecuted by the authorities for the production and placement of humorous advertisement.

The statement of the Batkivschyna United opposition provided to Censor.NO it says that "in a real war started against Babushka and a cat, the regime once again demonstrates its inadequacy, lack of sense of humor and reality. The inability to laugh with others demonstrates how infantile the power is and complexes and phobias of the Party of Regions leaders.

We consider the board with Babushka & Cat to be a worthy answer to the Party of Regions advertising the supposedly "managed ruin" and somebody "living better".

First, Yanukovych enriched his family in our account, made Ukrainians poor and now he will prohibit us from talking Ukrainian and joking.

The Batkivschyna United opposition considers the regime's reaction to humor an unhealthy tendency that once again demonstrates the dictator moods of Yanukovych and his faction. These actions of the authorities take Ukraine back to the totalitarian era when writers and intelligentsia were sent to Siberia for even a hint of anti-Soviet propaganda.

The United opposition fully shares the author's opinion regarding the bold idea for an advertisement that it is a shame to vote for the Party of Regions! Our deputies and lawyers are prepared to support the author of the idea and the owner of the advertisement agency that placed the humorous ad. However, we must admit that it is not much of a laughing matter now that the author is on the Ukrainian Nationwide wanted list and the owner of the agency is in intensive care after a "conversation" with the authorities.

In regard to the incident the deputy of Ukraine, chairman of the subcommittee on the advertisement of the VR Committee on the freedom of speech and information Yelena Kondratyuk has filed a deputy address to the Attorney General's Office regarding the need to examine a breach of obligations of the current legislation in regard to illegal interference in the content and form of the outdoor advertisement. She demanded that the AG Office immediately take steps and hold accountable the persons guilty in taking down and pasting over the board with Babushka & Cat.

In its part, the United opposition would like to draw attention of all international observers of the parliamentary elections in Ukraine to blatant persecution of the free-thinking citizens.

We also call on the citizens to not be indifferent and show more active civil position defending the people who are not afraid to laugh at this regime and freely express their opinion.

The democratic future of Ukraine is in our hands!" says the statement.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n214791