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 Police Searched the Opposition Member’s Receiving Office in Chernovtsy Oblast

Verkhovnaya Rada deputy and first vice chairman of BYUT fraction Sergey Sobolev claims that police organized a search in his public receiving office in Novoselitse (Chernovtsy oblast) after he told the public about sale of customs posts in the oblast.

Ukrainian news quotes Sobolev quotes the deputy: "Reforms and Order party activist received originals of former employees of Chernovtsy oblast customs regarding the illegality of their dismissal as well as documents proving corrupt practices in the department. After that the police started an illegal search in my public receiving office with the purpose of retrieving these documents", said the deputy.

According to Sobolev he asked the deputy of Our Ukraine People's Self-Defense fraction Gennadiy Moskal who was in Chernovtsy oblast at the time to go to Novoselitsy and pick up the documents.

Moskal has done what was asked and now based on these documents Sobolev intends to appeal to Attorney General's Office and Security Service of Ukraine (SBU, former KGB) requesting the investigation of corruption in Chernovitskaya customs.

Moskal also appealed to Attorney General Viktor Pshonka with request to investigate the police search of Sobolev's public receiving office.

Источник: https://censor.net.ua/en/n213896