Ukrainian Politics
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 Europe Despises the Kleptocracy of Yanukovych, - European Diplomat

Ukraine is becoming a substitute for Russia in the eyes of Europe – you can direct your displeasure and contempt without any consequences.

In his World Affairs article Rutgers University professor Alexandr Motyl quotes an Eastern European diplomat saying that "The Yanukovych kleptocracy is no worse than Putin's, but since there's no energy dependence on them, no military threat, Ukraine has become the ideal Eastern European "Other." Hence, there is no need to be civil toward Ukraine, as there is nothing to lose. Does anyone believe Western leaders will stay away from the Sochi Olympics because of Khodorkovsky or Magnitsky in the way they boycotted the Ukrainian half of the UEFA 2012 soccer matches? "

"With every new bit of thuggery coming from the Yanukovych regime, those received ideas get renewed empirical corroboration. And Ukraine simply becomes the stand-in for the contempt with which Europeans hold Russia no less than Ukraine, but will never say.

What a revolting fate for Ukraine: to be Russia's stand-in!", he adds.

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