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 Kravchuk Hints that Yanukovich is a Lackey Fallen Greedily Upon Power: why the hell would You Need a Reanimobile?

The first president of Ukraine Leonid Kravchuk does not favor the luxury villas and motorcades of government officials.

In an interview to Kraiina magazine, he said that in the time of his presidency you could not even think about Mezhygorye.

Being the Secretary of the Central Committee I had a 54 sq.m apartment. I couldn't buy a car even when I had money. I received 675 rubles. And Paton (Soviet Ukraine Academy of Science president) received 1,200. I wanted to buy a car for my son and I had to wait in line for three years. When I became the president my wife drove a Lada car and the family had no bodyguards. Not like today when any lackey as soon as he gets his hands on some power he rides with flashing lights and reanimobile (emergency ambulance) in the motorcade. I always saiy: if an ambulance has to drive with you - stay at home, why the hell would you go to work? - noted the ex-president.

Famously, an emergency ambulance is an inseparable part of the president Viktor Yanukovich's motorcade.

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