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 Regions Landik on the Party's Candidate Nomination: Everything is Decided by a Small Trif

The Party of Regions is being discredited by local officials.

Such opinion was expressed by deputy Vladimir Landik in an interview to UNIAN. The deputy decided to run as an independent after being left out of the party lists.

"The party (of Regions) is being discredited by officials in places. Full of themselves, Thieving, spitting on people, and nevertheless by being in our ranks personifying the authority in the eyes of the people. These people should spend some time in jail. Then the voters would believe us, I think.", said Landik.

Answering the question whether he will run in his 108th district against the Party of Region's decision, Vladimir Landik said that almost every week he gets calls with such offers, "people I meet say, Vladimir Ivanovich, run and we will support you".

Being a party veteran it would only be logical to run if not by the list than in the district where I am fixed by the party's decision. That is Perevalskiy rayon and Krasnyy Luch city. But you see what is happening? People like me, with their own opinion, are not needed there today. Everything is decided by a small trif of local authorities and businessmen close to it. And they decided that in this district they will nominate a person who provides cover fr illegal mining all over the oblast. A person who has not spent a single day being a part member, who has no weight among ordinary party members", said Landik.

"Well, they nominated him, ok, let it be. But as the famous poet said "make your own". Fortunately, the law which I also voted for, provides an opportunity to run as an independent, to represent people and not clans", said the deputy.

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