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Ukrainian Institute for the Future

I have agreed to work with the Ukrainian Institiute for the Future for a period in Kyiv each month. I shall work as the defence and security expert for them. This is good for me as it keeps me involved in helping Ukraine and continuing the work I have been doing for the last nearly 8 years.

The Instiitute is an analytical centre and is filled with real experts in many subjects. We will try to deliver coordinated thinking on a wide range of subjects important to the nation. Mine will be just a small although important part of the whole organisation. 

I will not just become an analyst who sits in an office and writes reports that go into cupboards. I want to work and be involved in the real reform of the system.

My first task will be to provide a vision of the future of defense and security. To create a full picture will take time. Reading my paper on Defense Models will help people see how I understand this area of ​​defense. National Guard, SBU and other organizations will take more time. I will try to do this before elections next year.

Secondly I want to get a true picture of the front line. I want to use this to help the MOD and government understand what operational changes are needed to face Russia better. 

Thirdly I shall continue to write on subjects concerning defence. This will be on law, reform documents and govenrment policies. I have good and strong feedback on the articles so far but am happy to write on other things if people need.

I also intend to help those involved in reform, including the front line military, general staff, volunteers and the defense media. I will give my time and energies freely and hope that people will use this with the same honesty that is is given.

I need to thank the Institute For the Future for bringing me back to Kyiv. I hope that I can help you all in this great challenge of creating a new and independent nation. It is my great honour. 


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